Getting Ready For Steel City

Exciting times for your pals at MadeByWade, as we gear up for a road trip into the north!


SIR title card

Next month sees the beautiful city of Sheffield over-run by scruffy documentary types, as she hosts the DocFest–one of the biggest festivals in the world that purely focuses on our favourite film genre. MadeByWade is thrilled to be a part of that crowd, as we let the community know about the project that has taken up nearly a year of our time.

We’ll be in town talking about Steel Is Real But Carbon Is Quicker, our film on the grassroots of the British cycling revolution. With nearly a dozen interviews in the bag so far, it’s safe to say that we have plenty to talk about! We’ve talked to coaches, mechanics, fans, riders and legends in our pursuit of the heroes and heartache. It’s a hard road to travel on, but we’ve dug deep to get some stunning footage and gripping interviews.

We’re in the throes of prep for the trip, putting together some fun little giveaways and treats, in the usual generous MadeByWade spirit. We do like to look after you, friends.

If anyone’s heading to Sheffield next month, look us up. It’s going to be brilliant.

And if you want to know more about the project? Head for the dedicated project page for Steel Is Real But Carbon Is Quicker.

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