The Story Of A Busy Summer

It’s been a full few months for us at Team MadeByWade, so it’s about time we filled you in on our activities over the summer.

Most of our focus is on Dom’s new documentary project. With a working title of Steel Is Real But Carbon Is Quicker, it focusses in on the heroes of British cycling that you might not have heard of. We’re looking at the grass-roots hardcore that are out in all weathers, the back-room geniuses that make magic with a frame, two wheels and a chainset, and the old-school legends that gave the sport its grounding.

With interviews in the bag from cycling star Yanto Barker, bike doctor Rohan Dubash, photographers Chris Weston and John Pierce, and chats with British cycling legends Colin Sturgess and Phil & Grant Bayton, Dom is taking his passion for the sport and putting it on the big screen. There’s at least one exciting name yet to sit in front of his Ring Of Lenses, and Dom is confident that Steel Is Real will be a must-watch for new and old fans of the toughest sport there is. Allez allez!

Another new project revolves around Dom’s continuing support of the Cube Microplex in Bristol, one of the UK’s most interesting independent cinemas. He’s putting together a history of Bluescreen, the venue’s long-running short film night. Dom responded to a request from Bluescreen’s founders, and with six interviews in the bag and an assistant editor hired, his film will see the light before the end of the year. We’ll keep you up to speed on progress, of course. Expect a premiere showing at The Cube!

Meanwhile, work continues on our long-term project, The End Point Of A Circle. Our yearly interview with Gimpo (number 7, if you’re counting) took place as scheduled, and a new cut is in progress. A couple of key interviewees are being courted who will really help complete the back story of Gimpo’s long, strange trip. As we move towards Year 17, mysterious rumblings are heard on the M25. Next time you cross the QE Bridge and hit Top Dead Centre, remember: Gimpo patrols the boundaries so you don’t have to.

We’re into the closing stages of one ongoing project. Decks, Dance and Videotape scored an interview with Roger Nell, AKA rave DJ Mr. South. He graciously invited us into his home, and a fun afternoon was had spinning tunes, drinking cava and chatting about dance music. Mr. South was the last person we really needed to speak to, so following a final post polish and colour grade we’ll be pushing this one out for all of y’all to enjoy.

Of course, Dom’s trick bag of vintage and digital stills cameras comes out on a regular basis. Here’s a few shots he took at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb for vintage cars in Gloucestershire in August.

prescott1 prescott2 prescott3

He was also in France for the 2015 Tour de France. Here’s three photos from that trip.

france tour1 tour2

There’s one more bit of news, but that’s on embargo till 9am Monday morning. So get yourself back here then!