The Rouleur Classic

Rouleur magazine is probably the most essential read for those of us interested in the wide world of cycling. A high-class, high specification publication (with an appropriately high end price-tag, it has to be said) it features nothing but the best writing and photography. Dom has subscribed for years, naturally.

Steel Is Real interviewee and friend of the film Rohan Dubash writes for Rouleur, and kindly dropped Dom an invitation to The Rouleur Classic, a gathering of like-minded cycling folk in central London. In his guise as Doctor D, bike surgeon, Rohan would rebuild a Fignon Raleigh from scratch on the first night of the show.

Dom’s visit on the third day had a Fignon connection. He has a picture of the legendary French cyclist made especially for him by the street artist Stewy for services rendered, and he brought it along to grace Doctor D’s stand.

Naturally, Dom was there to drum up interest in Steel Is Real, and he was in full promo mode as he toured the show. Chatting to people from Prendas and Rouleur artist Martin Proctor, he was spreading the good word about our little film.

But there were plenty of treats for the connoisseur–so Dom was very much in his happy place! A Colnago Master Arabesque frameset. A great selection of ex pro bikes, a Thomas Voeckler Colnago, an Indurain Pinarello time trial arrow-like machine, a Boardman hour record yellow French track velo. Maglia Rosas from the Giro. Trophies carefully dotted around the ballroom in lit glass cabinets. Such wonders.

The big draw for many, though, was an interview with the legendary Sean Kelly, who gave a great overview of his life and career to cycling broadcaster Matt Barbet. Watching it, Dom had an idea. Steel is Real is ostensibly about UK cycling, but getting a name like Kelly on tape would be great for the film. Dom being Dom, he approached. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of months, but the Wade charm may just win the day…

Dom’s day at the Rouleur Classic went all too quickly, and it was soon time to help Rohan pack up his wares. The following day he would be off gathering more interview footage. The Steel is Reel wheels just keep on a-rollin!

Enjoy the slideshow of shots taken on the day by Dom below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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