About Dominic Wade

“…maverick filmmaker DJ Dr Dominic Wade reads Cinematographer”

A seasoned editor and cameraman with many years of experience in advertising, Dominic Wade applies his skills to a highly individual take on the documentary form. He is fascinated by people that have pushed or redefined artistic and cultural boundaries. These subjects have informed and guided his work since the beginning. Two of his films, Modern English and 24 Hours In London, have been accepted into the BFI National Film Archive.

His stills work has been published in a collection curated by acclaimed photographer Mark Sink, and Mark Leverton‘s Banksy: Myths & Legends.

Dominic is an enthusiastic cyclist, who spends most weekends out on the roads on one of his vintage bikes.

2 thoughts on “About Dominic Wade

  1. Hello Dominic— I knew when you were a small boy living in Edinburgh. I was a friend of your mother Pam. What has happened to her? I’d like to know.

    We lived in Claremont Crescent a few houses away and you played with my son Alexander — although you and he didn’t like each other.

    I also knew your father Peter.

    Best wishes,
    Jennifer Leslie


    • Jennifer, thanks for the message. My mum lives in Bristol not far from myself and my partner. I can put you in contact with her. My father sadly passed away in 2006 from a heart attack, he was living in Los Angeles at the time. Speak again Dominic😀


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